Vision for our Class


We are children, parents, and teachers striving to create community together.

Eitim are starting to understand who we are and what roles we might play in our community. Play is our work and gives us space to test new relationships to ourselves and others. We are discovering and practicing resilience, finding the things that will allow us to thrive throughout our lives. Eitim are learning what it means to have friends & keep friends, hurt them & heal them.

In our class we practice patience even in times of stress. Just like Dubanim and Parparim take the time to get their own shoes and jackets on, Eitim tries to give each other time to ask questions and make discoveries.

We constantly question and discuss the world we are in, and try to appreciate it. Our interests spark curiosity and anytime we find a shared interest we dive in deeper. Eitim are getting to an age where it feels like there are more answers available to us. We know there are library books and adults that can give us answers to some of our questions, but we want to practice inquiry: to make lots of theories, ask questions of those theories, and make new ones.

We know that one of the best ways to learn and teach is to tell stories. We tell stories to figure things out. We tell math stories and science stories, stories about how we feel, about our friends and about places we have never been before or things we just imagined. We are learning how to read stories, to perform stories, to tell stories just with images.

Eitim is a safe space to wrestle in the Jewish sense. There are very few easy answers in Jewish tradition; we want questioning to be exciting and to feel normal. Our goal isn’t always to have answers, but to be digging deep in our conversations, debates, and stories.

Eitim relies on little communities (family, school), and big ones (Seattle, planet earth) to help us live. Jewish tradition plays an active role in how we understand ourselves and these communities. Eitim investigates these ancient stories, rituals, and lessons to see what they may offer.

Adults support all of the growth that is happening in our community and in each child. The way we treat each other, enjoy time together, and deal with challenges is a model for Eitim. Teachers create space with the language we use, the way we listen, and the projects we do together, for the kind of experimenting that is early learning.

Thanks for being part of this community!