Our Class Jobs


Hands help carry and hold things. During clean up I give jobs to the other parts of the body. I serve snack to my friends and tell them how much we each can take.

Legs bring the class places. Whenever we go to our cubbies to go on a trip, to the playground, or anywhere else, I get up first. Once I get up I call my friends when they are ready to stand behind me as we walk. While we’re traveling I keep track of the group to make sure we’re all ok and together.

The Heart makes sure the body is feeling well. If a friend is upset I help them feel better.

The Mind makes decisions and solves problems for the body. If any of my friends are having trouble sharing, including each other or any other problems, I mediate a conversation and help them think of solutions. I also might help the entire class solve problems when they come up.

Ears listen to what is going on in the class. I make sure that the noises of the classroom makes everyone in class comfortable.

The Breath helps the body regulate itself. I check on friends who are upset, angry, or too excited and help them calm themselves.

The Spine supports the rest of the body. When a friend isn’t at school or is busy I step in to help the rest of the class work together well.

Wings help everyone in the class fly. I make sure friends are being included and try to help them have a good time in our activity. Sometimes I also help friends who aren’t feeling so well to be happy.

The Voice speaks for and to the rest of the body. I make announcements to our class, I lead songs, and when someone outside the class needs to be spoken to I can do it.